Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Glimpse Into The Daily Life Of Dental Hygienists

The annual salary associated with a dental hygienist may vary in accordance with experience, despite United States Department of Labor stats which report an annual median salary of $68,250 a year. A dental hygienist in New Hampshire will earn the greatest salary within this profession; roughly $74,000 each year. Paying a salary between $65,000 and $67,000 are Idaho, Utah, and Maine. Paying the lowest salary for a dental hygienist in 2008 will be the state of Michigan.

Dental hygienists work for the most part in dental office groups combined with a doctor's office. Outpatient care centers, and medical hospitals are definitely the industries that make use of the greatest amount of dental hygienists. Of these industries, dental offices normally pay the a salary of $68,980 which is the highest possible.
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Numbers of hours worked each week or total work experience did not play a factor. In actuality, 90 percent of experienced dental hygienists in the United States make $93,000 each year. The task that a dental hygienist performs may vary according to state. In most cases, some of their duties will include teaching patients oral hygiene, providing preventive dental care, examination of patient teeth and gums and recording oral conditions and cleaning teeth. Administering local anesthetics, filling procedures, and removing stitches are allowed in some states, but in most this is reserved for the dentist.

The flexible scheduling in this profession is appealing to many people. Some work full or part time and various work shifts throughout the week. Since many dentists hire hygienist on a part time basis, often a couple days per week, this allows them to work at other jobs or pursue educational or other goals

A high school student who desires to be a dental hygienist should take classes in biology and a few math classes. In order to be accepted to a dental hygiene program, high school diploma and college entrance exam scores are required. While some specifications may for dental hygiene programs can vary from one state to another, a degree from an accredited dental hygiene school along with a state license is needed to practice as a dental hygienist.

A dental hygienist must be able to get along with other people simply because they will have constant contact with dentists, patients as well as their families.They must have efficient communication skills and a pleasant individuality along with patience and compassion. They will also need to be good with their hands and well synchronised because they will be dealing with sharp objects inside a patient’s mouth.

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